Responsible Tourism Policy

SENAIT ETHIOPIA TOURS is based in Ethiopia Organized by tourism professionals works on tourism related activities mostly on ecotourism for the benefit of the local community in order to conserve the environment for the sustainable tourism of the country and provides services in Tour, Travel, Car rental etc. 

Senait Ethiopia customized tours, tailor made and packages tours in Ethiopia, adventure holidays. We have specialized in multi-adventure travel, bird watching, trekking, archaeological, historical, cultural and ecological, camping, exploration, expedition, discovery, rafting and game viewing tours. From the peak of Semien Mountains to the Danakil Depression (the lowest place in the world), from the warily inaccessible age-old rock hewn churches to the island monasteries, SET offers a number of extraordinary tour programs that introduce you to the beauty and challenges of life in the Sunny country of Ethiopia... as our motto tells you that  

Authentic service. Authentic Experience.



Maintain ethical, Client-Oriented, sustainable tourism for the benefit of the local community and conservation of environment by providing best valued, most cost effective and reliable tour services.

Policy Aims

As we do business, we mainly focus on the communities and their respective environment. We believe that our sustenance and the tourism industry itself is quiet attached with the well being of the community and the environment.

Through our policies we strive to put in place practices that will enable and support the poor to improve their lives and assist them to overcome poverty and to preserve their environment for future generations.

We act responsibly and strive for excellence. We believe in character, competence, commitment and creativity. We work hard. We are happy, committed and caring


Our company Senait Ethiopia Tours has some strategies regarding the eco policies. Some of them are listed bellow:

» Senait Ethiopia Tours staffs gives information to the travellers to respect the community culture, use water without poisoned and keep the environment as it was.

» We encourage effective and active participation of all stakeholders.

» Introducing the natural and cultural heritage of the destination to the visitor.

» Give awareness to indigenous peoples and local communities to control and maintain their resources.

» Our company do not allow deforestation, illegal hunting or removal of plants. Now days, the number of wild animals and plants in Ethiopia are decreasing from time to time because of luck of care.

» Creating direct links between the economic benefits of ecotourism and the protection of environment, so that local residents who earn their living from ecotourism are more likely to protect their natural resources and support conservation efforts.

» Our company use local guides who provide good quality service for the clients.

» Our Objective is to help charities and organizations working to improve conditions in areas we are associated with by direct help. Some of the local community schemes we are currently involved building school in Sendafa, META  ACHENE  SCHOOL , The previous ANFE Non Governmental organization ( NGO’s). The school doesn’t have water availability. So we are on the process to drill water from the ground with travellers from Australia.

» We encourage all participants in our trips to follow our Responsible Tourism for the sustainable of tourism in Ethiopia.

» We are continually discussing with our staff and agents ways of improving our style of operation. Below is our Eco Tourism policy.

» We ask our clients to respect local environments and promote local projects, products and producers. In particular:

» Respect the customs and beliefs of the local people and their way of life.

» Promotion of local handicrafts by establishing gift shops.

» Design environmentally friendly materials.

» Awareness of guests on local recourses by way of literature, handout, interpretation etc.

» Avoid Noise-resulting from the use of generators, motors, engine, and transport vehicles. We advice lodges not to use huge generators as it will have very noisy sound and disturb the animals in the jungle.

» Conserve and protect the areas as well as benefit the people who live around the national parks and sanctuaries.

» Benefitting the local communities through economic development, political empowerment, and by fostering respect for different cultures and for human rights.

» Aid local economies by buying local products.

» Asking permission before taking photos of people or private houses as most tribes in Ethiopia are sensitive especially the Afar, Kereyu and Issa tribes.

» We minimize contamination of the soil and water.

» Neither to give presents of money to children nor to accept services from unlicensed people. Instead we promote clients who bring pen, pencil and Books for students as most of the Ethiopians couldn’t afford.

» we try to help local communities and involve them in our programs and camps. For these reason porters, couriers and guides are recruited from the locality of the trip being arranged. We support and promote our porters and guides through their association ensuring they are not exploited and that they are fairly paid. We promote any organization that benefits local community, for example we are trying to built rooms and toilet for one school (meta Achen school) with the Australian Charity organization around Sendafa, META  ACHENE  SCHOOL , The previous ANFE non Governmental organization  ( NGO’s) Ethiopia.


Economic responsibility 

All of our company staff members are Ethiopians. We promote local tourism by using local guides for the group in order to give detailed and current information. We hire mule, tent porters from the local community. This time, the local people generate money and they are more genuine and hosting the client ethically. 

We arrange some short term training for the local guides and they develop their customer handling experience. When the local people get money from tourism, they keep all the attraction and feel that all are their asset. 

We also promote local foods and non alcoholic drinks. This creates the travelers to experience different drinks of test and the local community generate money from the sells. 

All our guides and staff members test the food and show to the travelers how to eat and the way they drink as per the local people culture and norms.

Environmental responsibility 

Regarding the environment, our guides and staff members give pre- trip information to the groups how to handle the environment. 

Our local agents inform the travelers not to :

» spoil the water.

» put any plastic and other wastes on the street and in the park.

» give food to the forest animals and to make their sound very less in order to not to disturb the animals in the park.

» During camping we mostly use materials that will be fermented with in a short period of time. We avoid using plastic which affect the soil.

» We encourage travelers to plant at least one plant during their stay in Ethiopia as it increases the forestation and avoid deforestation. We contact the travelers with NGO who work in the environment. This time clients can contribute some amount of money for the conservation of the environment.


Social responsibility 

» Be considerate of other cultures, respect local customs, traditions, beliefs, language and ceremonies. 

» Our staffs always informs the travelers Always ask permissions before photographing and visiting villages,  to void interactions and dealings with people, particularly with children, by the road sides, it may cause car accidents,  not to encourage begging by giving money. 

» Instead, our company Encourage youngsters and mothers who beg on the street to join the work force.  

» If travelers want to give gifts, make them contributions to existing social or community projects.

» We encourage the promotion and recognition of indigenous knowledge and respect the local community.

» Our company ask the travelers to contribute some money to make school, hospital and drill water for the local community. This time the local people will be happy and they serve the travelers with smile face and the travelers will get mental satisfaction and encourage helping more.

See you in Ethiopia!

Taddese Atlaw,

Managing Director , Senait Ethiopia Tours


+251 116 294039